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Your have decided to purchase a new place, let us help you. We are here to guide you through all of the steps to successfully do this, Marshall has been helping buyers for more than 25 years and is very well versed in all of the steps and has an incredible knowledge of all properties. You can relax knowing that you are being well taken care of. Marshall lives by his motto ‘Your interests come first’ 

We realize that communication is very important and Marshall is only a phone call, email or text away to answer any of your questions. This is a promise to you, Marshall has built a very successful business over the last 25 years and part of that is him being there for his clients. Between Marshall and his licensed assistant, Heidi, they work with a level of skill and consistency that others are hard pressed to compete with. 

You have no upfront costs, we get compensated upon you finding the right place, once the transaction is completed we receive commission from the selling brokerage. 

We will discuss with you your needs, your financial parameters and what your wish list consists of. From there we will put together a list of properties that could suit your needs, have you review these potential properties and then set up a tour so you can view these properties. This will allow you to get a feel of the location, neighborhood, complex, etc. It is a process of elimination, we work together with you to find the right fit for you (and your family).

Once you have found the right place we put together the Contract of Purchase of Sale with the appropriate clauses and terms that you require and Marshall will present the offer, this is where Marshall’s over 25 years of experience and relationships with realtors is very beneficial. 

Understanding the Contract of Purchase and Sale: please take a moment to view the following video put forth by the BCREA (British Columbia Real Estate Association) explaining the Contract of Purchase and Sale document:

You have an accepted offer, now you have some subjects to take care; financing, strata info, PDS, home inspection, fire/property insurance, title, etc. We will assist you along this process to ensure that you are directed to the right services and answer any questions you may have.

Costs that you may incur to remove Subjects:
  • Appraisal – your lender may require this, fees are $250 and up
  • Home Inspection Fee – a certified home inspector fees are from $400 and up
  • Survey Fee – your lender may require this, fees are $150 to $350
Costs that you may incur at Completion (for details see Completion Steps for Buyers)
  • Adjustments
  • Legal Fees
  • GST (if applicable to the purchase)
  • Accountant
  • Insurance
  • Property Transfer Tax : 1% on first $200,000.00, 2% on amounts between $200,000.00 and $2,000,000; 3% on amounts between $2,000,000.00 and $3,000,000.00 and 5% on amounts over $3,000,000.00.  Click on the following link to estimate your Property Transfer Tax:   Estimate PTT
  • Utilities
  • Non Residents please see side bar under Frequently Asked Questions for additional costs when purchasing in the Greater Vancouver District, Capital Regional District, Fraser Valley Regional District, Regional District of Central Okanagan, Nanaimo Regional District.  This does not effect purchases in Whistler, Pemberton, Squamish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Foreign Ownership
There are no restrictions on foreign ownership of real estate in Canada. However, there are financing and taxation considerations that will determine the ideal form of ownership for an overseas owner that should be reviewed. 
If you are purchasing in the Greater Vancouver Area, Capital Regional District, Fraser Valley Regional District, Regional District of Central Okanagan, Nanaimo Regional District and are a "foreign entity" or a "taxable trustee" as defined in the British Columbia Property Transfer Tax Act there is an additional Property Transfer Tax of 20% of the fair market value.

Marshall is familiar with these issues and can also direct you to an expert to assist you. 
Financing for your purchase is available from a variety of sources in Canada. We can direct you to a selection of choices or will introduce you to an expert in arranging financing on your behalf (a mortgage broker). It is likely that you will need to provide a net worth statement and proof of income as part of this process.

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